Saturday, October 24, 2015


Before 'socialism' was a 'bad' word, Adolf Hitler took advantage of the good feelings about this word, and decided to help himself get elected, by referring to himself as a socialist, he was NOT a socialist of course, an evil monster would be more like it. But that is how the word lost it's good appeal.

The word means 'of the people', as in 'Social services' means, services for the people, 'social security' means security for the people.

Some necessary governmental controlled socialistic programs are Library's, Fire Stations, Health Departments, Police Stations, Military, Road's, Bridges, Damns, Railroads, and State Parks. (I probably have not listed them all!)

A Democratic Socialist, is one who realizes that both socialism and capitalism must exist together in a Democracy. Capitalist need to produce goods and make a profit, but so also do the people need to make a wage that not only will sustain them, but to have extra for the people to purchase the capitalists goods.

Runaway capitalism, leads to worst than slavery, I say worst, because slaves were fed, and sheltered, at least enough to keep them alive, but some Capitalists today, would pay a person $1.00 or less an hour, and that would not pay for food or shelter.

Runaway socialism also could lead to slavery, as it would directly impact our freedoms. If we had only one boss, the government, we could not decide to seek another job.

Some have referred to 'democratic socialism', as 'regulated capitalism', but capitalism in full control, does NOT want to be regulated.

In the last 30 or so years, our vast middle class, has all but disappeared, we, the 99% of Americans, have been betrayed by both of our two party system's. We are no longer "One Nation Under God," and have become "One Nation Under Greed!" Both party's talk about 'serving the middle class' producing jobs, but both parties serve only the lobbyists.

An Independent Senator from Vermont, a Democratic Socialist, is running for the Democratic nomination and the 2016 presidential election. I have two blogs linked on the side panel about him, Senator Bernie Sanders. I believe that he is our only hope!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Minimum wage hike fears!

One spoke to me about what would happen to the price of a McDonalds hamburger, if the minimum wage went up, she said that it was about $5.00 now, and would be $10.00 after. I wondered what the health care pain and suffering would cost us all when this country's growing homeless population give it the status of a third world country, enter ebola epidemic, it could cost her life. Health Care epidemic's have been known to include the wealthy.

We Christians are supposed to know that we are one family in Christ, what we decree for another we decree for ourselves, "Whatsoever thou sowest, that also wilt thou reap!"

What the 'Good Samaritan' provided to the 'One who fell among thieves,' was health care, Jesus told this parable, to teach us how to live, and He told us to ""Go and do thou likewise."

Jesus never told us to take care of the unborn, He did tell us over and over again to take care of the living breathing children of God, of all ages,(Matt.25:31-46) and I for one am seeing way too many of them living in the woods, any real concern for the unborn would have logically resulted in healthcare for the mother carrying the unborn, but this never seemed to concern those who would 'USE' compassion for the unborn, to get your votes.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assult Weapons Ban!

The NRA claims that the Assault Weapons Ban, in effect from 1994 to sept. 13th 2004, 'didn't work' because we had a mass shooting at Columbine High School, which it did not, prevent, also they suggested guards posted at each school, which also didn't work to prevent Columbine, because Columbine 'had' armed guards.

Some Congressman, (you know who you are,)suggested that "If there was anything he could do to see to it that a mass shooting never, ever, ever, occured again, he would gladly do it. In other words, my words, because the world is not perfect, he was helpless to do anything.

I have thought about listing the assault weapon violence since the ban expired, but it was far too numerous for me to list in one post, sooo... on the right there is a 'Referance link, read it and shudder!!!

Lets follow all three suggestions, beginning with another Military-style assault weapon ban that includes a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines, and closing the 'gun-show' loop-hole. and make it permanent!!!

and hire armed guards for each school, mall, and heavy human trafficking areas, and institualize our dangerous mental patients, for their sake and ours.


The Bible records a lot of abominations unto God, even a 'proud look' or 'those who sow discord among the brethern,' for all the 'hoopla' about homosexuality,  I expected that this was chief of abominations,  I was wrong!!  In fact, least mentioned!

Sodom and Gomorrah, the crime committed there was .. rape ..  violent homosexual rape .. but rape nonetheless.

I did find a loving covenant between two men in the book of 1 Samuel between David and Jonathan, interesting because David was highly favored and blessed by God,  David got in no trouble with God over this affair,  only later with Bathsheba,  a website I wrote linked on the right side bar, contains all the pertainent verses.  See for yourself!

I percieve that love is a gift from God, and if two people have this gift, that is Gods wedding presant on their marriage.  I care not that they may be the same gender.

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Social Security Act - 75 years old!

Republicans have been spreading the rumors for almost 75 years now that Social Security is going broke.  That its a failed Democratic program.

Any politician failing to support SSA, SSI, Medicare,  is signing his/her political death certificate.   These programs will live as long as 'Tax breaks for the rich live', or Pay raises for our representatives live, or 'Pork' pet projects for my district live,  or as long as I can't get reelected without the senior and disabled vote.

No, in all 75 years, the Social Security Act. has never declaired bankruptsy, it can't,  but plenty of private enterprise on the stock market, has folded, and thats the newest wrinkle,  Privatization of Social Security,  put your SS money in the stock market, and oops!!  The company went broke..... sorrrrry!!!  Work till you die, the quicker the better, but who will hire you at 80yrs old?

Government finds money for the programs that it has to have, like I pay my electric bill, neither one of us enjoys paying the bill, but.....

One of the commandments is Honor thy father and thy mother, that it may go well with thee.... Jesus said  "For God commanded, saying honor thy father and thy mother: and he that curseth father or mother, let him die the death. But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightist be profited by me;  And honor not his father or his mother, he shall be free.  Thus have you made the commandment of God, of none effect, by your tradition.  Matt.15:3-6

The Breath Of Life!

        I do not have a clue about when life begins, so I went to Genesis  ch. 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,  and breathed into his nostrils the 'breath of life';  and THEN man 'became' a living soul."

I never had an Abortion,  I've never been faced with a hard choice like that,  I will never call someone who has had an abortion, a murderer,  much less someone who votes a Democratic ticket. 

Abortion is too tramatic and even painful, to be considered a method for birth control, lets be real,  I could not force a young girl to go through the birth experiance,  a life changing experiance.

If it wern't for partial birth abortion, many Mothers of many children, wouldn't be coming home ever again to take care of the many other children they have.  I know PBA is a necessary medical procedure to save the life of the Mother.

I can't believe that a soul is givin one and only one chance at life,  Jesus said "I am come that ye might have life, and have it more abundantly."  For much evidence of Reincarnation in the Bible, Jesus taught it!!  see the links on the right side. 

God said "You have before you this day, both good and evil, choose thou!"

My sentiments exactly,  choice!

Tax Breaks Create Jobs?

Before I retired,  my husband and I owned a business,  we had 3 regular employees, and up to 10 for special promotions and sales,  all the tax breaks coming our way would be welcome, but in no way cause us to hire any employee that we didn't need to get out our 'widgets'  nor would not getting a tax break cause us to layoff an employee. 

The number of employees we needed depended only on the sales coming in,  if good, more,  if bad, less.

Sales depended on the economy, if good, more, bad, less.  If it was good for everyone, it was also good for us.