Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Minimum wage hike fears!

One spoke to me about what would happen to the price of a McDonalds hamburger, if the minimum wage went up, she said that it was about $5.00 now, and would be $10.00 after. I wondered what the health care pain and suffering would cost us all when this country's growing homeless population give it the status of a third world country, enter ebola epidemic, it could cost her life. Health Care epidemic's have been known to include the wealthy.

We Christians are supposed to know that we are one family in Christ, what we decree for another we decree for ourselves, "Whatsoever thou sowest, that also wilt thou reap!"

What the 'Good Samaritan' provided to the 'One who fell among thieves,' was health care, Jesus told this parable, to teach us how to live, and He told us to ""Go and do thou likewise."

Jesus never told us to take care of the unborn, He did tell us over and over again to take care of the living breathing children of God, of all ages,(Matt.25:31-46) and I for one am seeing way too many of them living in the woods, any real concern for the unborn would have logically resulted in healthcare for the mother carrying the unborn, but this never seemed to concern those who would 'USE' compassion for the unborn, to get your votes.

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