Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assult Weapons Ban!

The NRA claims that the Assault Weapons Ban, in effect from 1994 to sept. 13th 2004, 'didn't work' because we had a mass shooting at Columbine High School, which it did not, prevent, also they suggested guards posted at each school, which also didn't work to prevent Columbine, because Columbine 'had' armed guards.

Some Congressman, (you know who you are,)suggested that "If there was anything he could do to see to it that a mass shooting never, ever, ever, occured again, he would gladly do it. In other words, my words, because the world is not perfect, he was helpless to do anything.

I have thought about listing the assault weapon violence since the ban expired, but it was far too numerous for me to list in one post, sooo... on the right there is a 'Referance link, read it and shudder!!!

Lets follow all three suggestions, beginning with another Military-style assault weapon ban that includes a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines, and closing the 'gun-show' loop-hole. and make it permanent!!!

and hire armed guards for each school, mall, and heavy human trafficking areas, and institualize our dangerous mental patients, for their sake and ours.

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